Minuets of LCHOA June 22, 2017


Meeting was call to order at 6:00 p.m.


Guest were greeted and introductions made.  Approximately twenty members and guests were present.


Bill Benz gave the Treasurerís Report.


Bill Benz explained the absence of our President, Larry Hill, and read the letter he sent out to the membersí email so that members that didnít get emails and new attendees would know why he wasnít there and why he decided to step down as President. Bill Benz also explained why Hayden Baldwin, Vice President, was also not there and that he sent his apologies. 


Then Wayne Ojala explained his interest in the lake and becoming a member of LCHOA.  He took question from the audience and led the discussion from that point on.  Most questions had to do with the poisoning of the alligator grass and lily pads that was taking place at this present time.  We told them we only knew what Game & Fish had revealed to us.  We didnít know if it had any impact on the fish.  There were some reports by members that air-boats that do the spraying had been seen on the lake a couple times in the past weeks.  There were other questions concerning septic tanks on the lake, water condition, water level, possibility of a spillway, water runoff from Conway, and fish population.  It was explained that these are ongoing concerns that we are looking for solutions and that we hope Game & Fish will be able to attend our next meeting for direct answers.


Also in attendance was our local district State Representative Douglas House.  He spoke with much enthusiasm in supporting us to help make improvements to the lake.  He said he would personally look into any reports of sewage from septic tanks being dumped into the lake.  Any one knowing of this could call his office directly. 


We had four new members fill out applications.  Interest and enthusiasm was high. 

Meeting minutes by LCHOA Secretary/Treasurer  Bill Benz