Lake Conway Watershed Stakeholders Group
This is the interim group name until a formal name has been identified )

Watershed Flyer

Overall Project Objective 

The University of Arkansas has partnered with Metroplan, the designated metropolitan regional planning agency for central Arkansas, to launch the Lake Conway Low Impact Development Urban Watershed Plan. The goal of the study is to initiate the development of a Nine Element EPA Watershed Management Plan (WMP) and to develop and implement components of a Low Impact Development (LID) Urban Watershed Plan that features methods and technologies for restoring water quality impacted by urban sediment and pollutant loading in Lake Conway, and for protecting critical ecological services in urbanizing areas. The overall goal of the plan is to decrease lake sedimentation and pollutant/nutrient loadings in feeder streams. 

Stakeholders Purpose 

To conceptualize the future condition of the Lake Conway watershed, identify barriers to achieving that future, and develop strategies for removing those barriers. 

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Additional informational links: 

*Arkansas Automated Reporting and Mapping System (the “cast” website I showed the 10 and mentioned 12 digit HUC’s from):

* allows you to search by county and/or watershed and will give land use, demographic stats, and data reports for each 8-digit HUC:

 *Surf your Watershed- The EPA version of, also provides other useful information and links to other reports (Air quality for example) within the watersheds of the state:

 *Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality- this is the link to our searchable water quality database (if you have problems accessing the info you need, please see the contact information on that page):

 Raven L. Lawson
Watershed Program Coordinator
Public Outreach and Assistance Division

 Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality
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